Thursday, May 6, 2010

Come in London!

Yes, Virginia, Blog O. Food still cooks and breaks into cold sweats when he hasn't posted in a while, but it's Championship Week again, and all other considerations are on the back burner (groan).
It's still stewing in its own juices, but I made my own sourdough starter, as I've always wanted to introduce myself with this line: "I am Enzo, the Baker!" (a la The Godfather.) I intend to waltz into parties with that moniker after my first successful loaf.
So there's that, a slew of NYTimes recipes and even some good stuff from Paula Deen, whom I just adore. Just allow me a few more days of handing out tee shirts and taking photos for the University web site, and I'll get back to the kitchen and keyboard in a jiff.
Patience, Grasshopper... Blog O. Food