Thursday, May 6, 2010

Come in London!

Yes, Virginia, Blog O. Food still cooks and breaks into cold sweats when he hasn't posted in a while, but it's Championship Week again, and all other considerations are on the back burner (groan).
It's still stewing in its own juices, but I made my own sourdough starter, as I've always wanted to introduce myself with this line: "I am Enzo, the Baker!" (a la The Godfather.) I intend to waltz into parties with that moniker after my first successful loaf.
So there's that, a slew of NYTimes recipes and even some good stuff from Paula Deen, whom I just adore. Just allow me a few more days of handing out tee shirts and taking photos for the University web site, and I'll get back to the kitchen and keyboard in a jiff.
Patience, Grasshopper... Blog O. Food

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Jeff (UK) said...

London's been out to lunch for a while, and sounds like you've been busy too. Am at JFK as we speak, heading to Notre Dame for Kelsey's graduation, then back on Monday. Trust this finds you happy, healthy, and packing for ME.