Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here Comes Another One, Just Like The Other One

Times Square New Year's Eve ball
A few years ago, after one failed attempt after another, my crew and I decided to stop trying so hard to have fun on New Year's Eve. That first subsequent party consisted of six of us, rotisserie chicken and veggie wraps bought at Safeway, about 6000 cds, playing cards, cigars, and a mixed case of really excellent champagne. We stayed up until dawn blasting the stereo and playing røvhul. No one could remember a better New Year's Eve, hangovers be damned. The bar was set pretty high that night, but subsequent gatherings have always managed to exceed expectations. You can thumb through old posts here and read about last year's soirée and menu. I'm hoping for another memorable fête this year with my east coast fan club. Again, there will be six of us out in posh Southampton (hopefully nobody's checking credentials at the city limits), plenty of "Bolli", and I'm doing all the cooking, ably assisted by Jean 9. It'll be such a fine group that, if we manage not to force the frivolity, it ought to be another banner celebration.
New Year's Eve 2009 Menu
Candied Jalapeño Dip
Grilled Prawns with Zesty Lemon-Caper Sauce
Ceviche in Lime Cups
Chebeague Crab Satchels
Bruschetta Alla Romana
Martha Stewart's Cranberry Compote with Mascarpone and Cookies*
If I'm not at the market looking for flat-leaf parsley or hothouse tomatoes, I'll be strapped to an apron and away from the computer for the duration. You'll have to read about the aftermath in the coming year.
Until then, the very Happiest of New Year's and a healthy, prosperous Two Thousand Ten.
Champagne bottle sizes
Thanks for taking the time - Blog O. Food
*I know... I know.

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Navy Bean said...

I feel so lucky to have been invited to your New Year's party... love the tradition. The menu looks amazing! Can't wait to see you!