Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Milestone of Sorts

And on the 7th Day... was my 100th blog post. My one year anniversary went by un-noticed while I was abroad in August. No candle, no cake, no funny hat. But who remembers their first birthday anyway? I'll cut my teeth this year, and on my second anniversary - my terrible twos - we'll do it up right.
But a hundred posts! Whodda thunk it? Thanks to my small gaggle of loyal followers and to the tens of readers out there who end up here accidentally. You inadvertently bump up my tracker count, and I find that somehow gratifying in an empty sort of fraudulent way.
We are by no means done with The Very Brady Thanksgiving, but I found the pretty picture above on Google Images and wanted to get it up here before anything else. So keep checking back periodically, tell all your friends and acquaintances about me (without divulging my true identity), and don't forget: the Post a Comment button actually works!
Thanks for taking the time, seriously - Blog O. Food

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