Sunday, August 10, 2008

From the Kitchen of the Widow Silverman

Microwave bread-n-butter picklesI haven't asked permission to publish this recipe yet, like that's ever stopped me from doing something I wanted. My philosophy has always been it's easier to say sorry than please, but I digress! I tasted these pickles a few weeks ago while up in Rhinecliff and unequivocally stated that they were fabulous. When I found out they were prepared in a microwave, I was crestfallen. I hate the microwave, almost irrationally so, but will evidently have to re-evaluate my aversion to dielectric heating. In any event, these pickles will fool just about everyone while taking nothing flat to prepare. If you're waiting for the coffee to brew, or for someone to find their damn keys so that you can go to Saratoga Springs for the day, you have time to make these pickles.
Microwave bread & butter pickles
2 cups sliced cucumber
¾ cup, sliced yellow onion
¼ cup sugar
½ cup white vinegar
1tsp salt
1tsp mustard seed
¼tsp celery seed
¼tsp turmeric
Slice young, small cumbers about ¼" thick. (Young cumbers have fewer seeds than their older brothers and sisters.) Halve a medium-sized yellow onion and then slice thinly. Mix all ingredients in a bowl, microwave on high 7-8 minutes, or until cucumbers are softened. Stir twice during cooking time. Let cool and then place in a clean mason jar.
They go great on burgers or as an attentive date with the cheese platter. I have personally witnessed people eating them right out of the jar.
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