Friday, August 8, 2008

Really? A food blog!

Nature's bountyThere must be a cooking gene. Both my parents were great cooks; my stepmother was a master of Mexican cuisine. Even my stepfather, who rarely cooked, still knew his way around the kitchen. I was always encouraged to help out and must have absorbed hundreds of techniques and recipes. More importantly, I learned to appreciate good food and to be comfortable with the tools of the trade. Up until college however, my greatest culinary adventure was adding Kraft American singles to Chef Boy-R-Dee ravioli as an after-school snack.
So does that qualify me to start a food blog? Well, yeah! I have a take, just like anyone else out there (well, one wonders what some of these bloggers' take might actually be). Let's see if you share that take, m'kay?
Look for recipes, stolen, tweaked and created from scratch; restaurant reviews; "food personality" character assassinations; wine pairings; and a collection of my far-flung friends who share our passion.
Thanks for taking the time - Blog-O-Food


Liselotte said...

Sounds wonderful - I will try that out tomorrow with Carina. Great idea Mike. Chears Lotte

HCox said...

You inspired me to make pasta salad for the first time in 18 years... xxx

Anonymous said...

love your food blog. can't wait to snag some ideas from's a wonder if i'll be able to keep up since i already can't wait to try the ones posted.
keep it coming! :) megan

BigAssBelle said...

sounds peachy. let's eat!