Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mashed, or baked?

Walk down any street in Manhattan, and there is food; literally.
Sidewalk casualtyI came upon this feast in front of Madison Square Garden, where the Walking With the Dinosaurs experience was just closing up shop. Seems catering got a little careless in carting out the left-over beef. That, or T-Rex flunked out of the Miss Porter School. I looked over at my companion and dryly delivered the first thing to pop into my head: "If I had a fork right now..."
Los tres amigosThese three jovial workers to the left earnestly claimed it was the best prime rib in town. Who was I to argue? Although I have to point out that Whose Catering LLC in no way endorsed this sidewalk dining experience, nor - I'm sure - do the comments of its staff in any way reflect the company line. After a half-dozen photos or so, it was time to move on. The prospect of what might be for dessert on down the road, however, left me giddy with anticipation.
Prime rib al fresco
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BigAssBelle said...

eek! nasty! looks like a big blob of pig fat.

ahaight said...

Fantastic. Cant wait for more.