Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sins of Omission

St Peter - Sotirios Panailidis, IconographerI don't get it, I actually feel guilty if I don't post something at least weekly on this here You Gonna Finish That? blog thingy. If it weren't for regular visitors from Pittsford, NY, Santa Cruz, CA and London, England, I'm not sure I'd bother. (That's not true!) Anyway, I am über-busy this weekend; triple booked from now until Sunday night. It's coffee and toast then out the door.
I'll be back next weekend, and in a couple more weeks school is out.  I'm sure I can find plenty of ways to stay occupied here in Blogton. In the mean time, here are a few of my favorite things:
Tower cottageBungalow floor plan
Small spaces.
Chandler's Cove, Great Chebeague Island, MaineOld fisherman's rowboat, Strib, Fyn, Denmark
Island communities.
Road Runner, Lake Havasu, ArizonaBurrowing Owl, El Centro, California
London Bridge Golf Club, Lake Havasu, ArizonaSnow Creek Golf Course, Mammoth Lakes, California
Cabo Matapalo, Costa RicaCabo Matapalo, Costa Rica
The Toronado, San Francisco, California20 Tanks Brewery (now defunct), San Francisco, California
Cooking goes without mentioning, of course...
Squawk at you soon - Blog O. Food

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Matt said...

Why... is that a Burrow Owl? Jumping Jesus on a Pogo Stick.