Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Breakfast Sammies

The incredible, edible eggBack in the day, Doughty's Market used to offer up all kinds of breakfast treats. Doughnuts, pastries, and sandwiches that everyone called egg sammies. Ed's wife had this curly bacon that fit perfectly on a toasted English muffin and her egg yolks were perfection incarnate. Whoever in the cottage was dressed by 9:00am would bike up to the store for the newspapers and an order for egg sammies. A few years ago, Doughty's unexpectedly stopped cooking breakfast and we at the Webb Cottage were bereft of another Island tradition. Someone had to step up to the plate. Natalie appointed me.
Egg Sammies
  • eggs
  • bacon
  • American cheese
  • English muffins
Cook up bacon until just crispy in a good cast iron skillet or griddle. Reserve the rendered fat to fry the eggs. While eggs are cooking, pop English muffins into a toaster. When muffins come out of the toaster, assemble sandwiches with a slice of American cheese, a fried egg, and a couple of slices of smoky bacon torn in half so that they fit on the muffin. Serve with piping hot coffee and the front page of the NY Times or Portland Press Herald. 
Bacon frying on the griddleA frying eggEnglish muffin in the toaster
Toasted English muffin with cheeseAdd a fried egg on top of the cheeseTop with two slices of bacon
We never thought Doughty's egg sammies could be replaced, but like a lot of things, home made is best. No one else is allowed to make these sandwiches when I'm not on the island. They're simple, uncomplicated, everyday food. Nothing special about them except they're made with care and are a great way to start a morning on Chebeague. From the look of concentration on the face of the anonymous fellow below, all evidence points to their deliciousness.
Uncle Kip scarfing an egg sammie.
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Great blog! I love it...I'm gonna have to cook those up this week! Keep up the great food and writing...good, good stuff.