Sunday, July 5, 2009

Island Life - Part II

Live Maine LobsterFamily is a BIG part of island life for the Chebeague clan. Kids are encouraged to take part in everything, including the cooking. (Hey, did someone mention Maine lobster earlier?) Natalie has passed down the tradition of mercifully putting the bugs to sleep before they are boiled alive in a huge copper pot. The old gal is an expert at the technique. With one hand, hold a lobster upside down and with the index finger on the other hand, run up and down the shell just below the head. This relaxes the lobster completely. You can even let it go and it will quite literally stand on its head. Kids as old at 16 get into the act.
Hynotized lobsterThe old copper lobster pot
Lobsters on the boilPlated lobsterThe carnage
Lobster is served whole with melted butter and lemon wedges on the side. These island folk are expert at extracting every ounce of sweet flesh from a carcass. Shells are discarded into huge bowls in the center of the table. The carnage is extraordinary. By the time the butter congeals, dessert is whipped up. In this case, Aunt Stacie Webb’s blueberry crumble. Stacie swears not to go to the grave with her recipe, but no one is holding out much hope.
Aunt Stacie's blueberry crumble
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Everything on this site looks so delicious...I'm thankful for the recipes...I aim to try. I am hoping to find you again...I saved the site on my bookmarks page