Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Keeping It Real

Grant Wood - American GothicMore cooking by way of the new and improved BOF credo: Keep It Fresh, Stupid! Farm stand basil and more heirloom tomatoes shine in another version of my Pasta Salad.  Intense Cherry tomatoes replace the sundried variety while they're in season. The basil crop is going gangbusters now that the sun is out. Freshly grated parm from the Retail Market and lots and lots of extra virgin olive oil. Adding grilled sweet Italian sausages allows me to retain my Man Tribe membership card.
Pasta salad with sweet Italian sausage and heirloom cherry tomatoes
I could have wallowed in self-pity cooking for one after so many great family meals up in Maine. But summer's bounty (and a new exercise regimen) are buoying my disposition. And this lighter fare is helping to retard wear & tear on the old bathroom scales. Always an ego boost.
Thanks for taking the time - Blog O. Food

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Jeff (UK) said...

I made a mirin glazed salmon on Monday night, made extra fillets to add to my tomato/basil salad for lunch or late supper. I'm becoming a leftover convert whist cooking for one. Would probably do nicely in a pasta salad too. Thanks for the tips, BOF.